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Bull Smoke Electronic Cigarettes Reviewed – How Good Are They?

I have been a smoker for as long as I can remember and really wanted to kick the habit. But I have to admit that I smoked not just because of my addiction, but because I enjoy it too. When first hearing of electronic cigarettes, I was very interested, because it seemed like the perfect solution to all my problems. One of the ecigs I came across was the Bull Smoke one. I loved the look and decided to give this one a go.

Bull SmokeAbout Bull Smoke

Bull Smoke has a fantastic reputation within the industry. They are known for their fantastic, all American, Wild West branding, which is really cool. Besides the fact that the look cool is the fact that they are affordable (just $29.99 for a starter kit, which is really good value) and, naturally, their amazing quality. Everything feels solid and is well constructed.

The Branding and Design

The design of the product really is different from the norm. It isn’t a beautiful, long and elegant cigarette at all. Instead, it is the cigarette for the cowboy, the tough dude who is rugged and cool. It is very much a cigarette geared towards men. Their eye for detail in design is noticed not just in their product, but also in their website, which looks absolutely fantastic.

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The Starter Kits

There are only two options when it comes to the starter kit. You may find this limiting, but I liked it because it makes things a lot easier. Both kits are the same price, so you don’t have to pick something you don’t really want just because it’s cheaper. The first kit is the standard one with tobacco flavors, and the second kit is the sampler one, which includes ten flavors. The rest is all the same.

  • The Ranch Hand kit comes with ten cartridges (you can pick the flavor and strength, a charger kit (USB and wall charger), a manual and two rechargeable batteries.
  • The City Slicker kit comes with ten cartridges in different flavors (1.8% strength), the charger, manual and batteries.

Bull Smoke Vapor KitVapor Production, Flavors And Cartridges

One of the most important things is, naturally, the vapor production. I have tried many electronic cigarettes and found the vapor production in Bull Smoke to be one of the best out there. This is impressive, since I have tried many and there are some pretty big brands out there.

In terms of the flavors, I really liked the taste they gave. I really like the Old West, the Texas Tobacco and the Ranger. Texas Tobacco is like a real traditional tobacco from the Wild West. Wild Ranger has a sweeter aftertaste, but it has a lovely kick. And I really liked that each cartridge has its own design, so you can see straight away what you will be vaping.
You also have a choice of strength, being 24, 18, 12 and 6 milligrams. This means that it is perfect for people like me, who are full 20 a day men, but also for the social smokers. There is also a zero value nicotine option, perfect for those who really want to quit.

The Accessories

Bull Smoke comes with 10 different flavors, which are Texas Tobacco, Ranger, Cherry, Vanilla, Grape, Coffee, Menthol, Chocolate, Menthol and so on. There are also four types of batteries. You can pick white, orange, silver or black for your battery. Plus, they have four variants for the batteries, being long, automatic, manual and traditional.

What I Liked

What is not to like? However, I figured I should just note some of the things that really set this product apart. So, some of the things I liked in particular about Bull Smoke include:

  • Impressive vapor volume.
  • Great range of nicotine levels, including the 24mg, which is unique to Bull Smoke and perfect for heavy smokers.
  • Fantastic flavor options.
  • Superb quality throughout the device itself.
  • Lifetime warranty for chargers and one year warranty for batteries.
  • Great website that filled me with trust in the quality of the product itself.
  • Superb customer service.
  • Great discounts if you buy in bulk.

A special mention has to go to the Bull Bucks program that they offer. This program allows you to order online and earn Bull Bucks straight away. These Bull Bucks allow you to earn as much as 10% on anything you buy, as well as earning additional points for every single dollar spent in their store. You can then redeem these points for other products. Also, they have regular promotions available on the site.

More Vapor No BullWhat I Didn’t Like

It was hard to find something not to like, but I eventually came up with the following:

  • The heating up process of the cartridge is a bit slow, which means you have to take at least five puffs before your cartomizer is really up and running.
  • The 24 milligram cartridges are quite often out of stock. However, I suspect that if their order volume continues as it is now, they will start to add stock to prevent this.

Odor Free Bull SmokeThe Verdict

One of the things that I really love about Bull Smoke is that there is finally something out there that is just for men. We are bombarded with designer and fashionable ecigarettes specifically for women, or the “snazzy” designs that the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio have been spotted with. However, I wanted something that was for real men, the men that made this country great. That is exactly what I found in Bull Smoke.

Added to this that it is one of the best electronic cigarettes I have tried in terms of price, cartridges, flavors, construction and more, I have to say that this particular brand gets a full thumbs up from me. I think I have finally found the brand that will get me off the real cigarettes altogether, something I have been aspiring to do for some time now. If you have been looking for a brand of electronic cigarettes but feel bombarded by the amount of brands that are out there, take my word for it and go for Bull Smoke.

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