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Liquitine by Firebrand Review – Is This the Best eLiquid Out There?

More of us are trashing the cancer sticks in favor of eCigarettes. Although some controversial reports have been out there (exploding devices, not knowing what’s in the liquid and other types of clear propaganda), it seems as if the tobacco industry is finally being brought to its knees. The huge array of choices in terms of flavors and devices is something that really stands out, as well as the potential health benefits (although none of these have been proven yet). I have been an avert vapor for some time now and am always on the lookout for the next great vaping experience. I recently came across Liquitine by Firebrand and this one really stood out for me, so I figured I would give these a try.

FirebrandWhat Is Liquitine?

Liquitine is an eLiquid that is different from everything else. This is because Firebrand, its manufacturer, uses only their own mixtures. They have a range of products available, including hands-free liquid, which uses Magentic Vortex Technology. One of the things that the company really prides itself on is the fact that they create all of their liquid right here in this country.

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Prices and Products

The prices are, of course, very important, particularly since you can pick up any elquid for very little money. 10ml of Liquitine costs $7.99, which is comparable to the overall market. However, considering how unique and amazing they promise their flavors to be, it could be said that the value for money is actually better than others.

Indeed, their liquids come with a satisfaction guarantee. This means that if you don’t like it, you can send it straight back and have your money returned. They can either give you a refund, or provide you with store credit. This means that you can try out any flavor at no risk to yourself.

Also, there are a number of customization options, such as different sized bottles (10, 20, 30 and 40ml), as well as different strengths (0, 6, 12, 18 and 24mg). The strength depends entirely on you. Most heavy smokers would start with 24mg and work their way down. This is why you may want to consider sticking with 10ml bottles until you have decided on your strength and flavor.

Firebrand FlavorsThe Flavors

A lot has to be said about the flavors, and it is certainly true that Firebrand creates a massive range of flavors. Their flavors include:

• Apple pie
• Cinna swirl
• Elvis
• Mango lassi
• Peppermint patty
• Polar chill
• Purple rain
• Silk
• Strawberry silk
• Tobacco gold
• Tobacco royale
• Special blend tobacco
• Tobacco fury
• Arctic menthol
• Menthol ice USA
• Pina colada
• Super fuzz
• Engine nine
• Menthol chill
• Cherry bomb USA
• Vestratto American

This list demonstrates the huge range of flavors for you to choose from. There really is something for everybody. Added to this the fact that you can basically try them for free, there should be nothing stopping you from figuring out just what Vestratto American actually is, or how sweet the Cherry Bomb tastes.

Firebrand productsOther Products

Firebrand isn’t just about the eLiquids, however. They also sell starter kits, atomizers and tanks, cartomizers, batteries and accessories. As such, you can get everything you need from one place, be that you’re very first kit or your replacement parts. One of the things people like so much about eCigarettes is the fact that they are so much cheaper than regular cigarettes. If you have the opportunity to buy everything in one place, it seems even cheaper.

Customer Service

Firebrand prides itself on its amazing levels of customer service. Considering they offer a no-quibbles satisfaction guarantee, which is mentioned all over their website, really demonstrates their commitment to delivering great customer service. They are also a certified member of the American E-Liquid Association. This means that they have to uphold certain standards in order to be able to continue to be members, which is further testament not just to their excellent quality products but also high levels of customer’s service.

What I Liked about Liquitine and Firebrand

• I love the huge array of flavors that you can choose out of.
• I really appreciate the fact that you can purchase all your vaping necessities in one place, rather than having to go all over the internet in order to find everything you need.
• Their customer service is second to none.
• You can basically try the flavors for free, as you can return any bottle of liquid that you don’t like, exchanging it either for a full refund or for store credit.
• All their products and liquids are built right here at home and they use their own blends and ingredients, guaranteeing a unique experience.
• Their eCigarettes look super cool and you can really be seen outside with.

What I Didn’t Like about Liquitine and Firebrand

The only thing I could possibly complain about is that the flavors seem to be a bit “whacky”. I have never heard of anybody wanting to smoke an apple pie or a piece of cinnamon swirl before, for instance. However, each to their own and since they also sell all the usual flavors, like regular tobacco and menthol, I maybe shouldn’t complain.

Firebrand liquidsThe Final Verdict

I found that Liquitine by Firebrand really is one of the better eLiquids out there today. They have set the bar high, coming into a market that is incredibly large and well-established. However, they offer things that others don’t, including unique flavors, very cool looking eCigarettes and fantastic customer service, and this really sets them apart.
Flavors are always going to be a personal experience. However, I personally believe that there has to be a flavor out there to suit absolutely everyone. Because of the fact that you are able to try them all without it costing you anything, it really won’t cost you anything except a bit of time to find out whether or not you like this brand. I, for one, fully recommend it to anybody who wants to have a great vaping experience or otherwise wants to move away from standard cigarettes.

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