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The VaporZone E-Cigarette Review – Here is the Future

VaporZone e-cigarettes and liquids are some of the newest to hit the scene. You may have heard of them by now because they have gotten very popular, and there are loads of people who are into these products. You may be wondering, based on the hype if they are worth it; so here is a look at all that they offer, based on their Pro Vaporizer and starter kit, and if they are deserving of all the attention. Vaporizers are the future of e-smoking and VaporZone is right on top of it all!

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What You Get

The Pro Starter Kit is awesome. You get all the necessary basics with this kit, as you would expect, with a great amount of versatility. It comes with 1 650 mAh 3.7 volt battery, 1 Pro-L cartomizer, 3 extra atomizers, a wall charger, and a USB adapter; basically all the goods to get started. Everything is made well, I was impressed by the feel of everything. An extra battery would have made this kit perfect. High quality, good looks, and VaporZone also sells a great variety of other Pro products you can use in conjunction with what comes in the kit. 9/10 for kit contents.

Performance and Battery Life

This is the main event with VaporZone. The batteries all have superior life to them, and performance is what they’re known for. Many people say these have the best performance around, and I am not disagreeing; if you’ve used other brands, you’ll know what I’m talking about when you try these. The Pro battery lasts seriously all day, and by the size of it, you’d expect it. If you’ve never used e-cigarettes before, and this is your first go at them, you’re very spoiled! These batteries do not have problems with leakage, low vapor, or problems generating big hits! I’ve gotten super smooth throat hits that pack a punch, so I’m very pleased with performance from this line. Because vaporizers are much more powerful, and the Pro boasts a lot of power and performance, it’s really an awesome unit to be using. 9/10 for battery life, power, and overall performance.

The Vapor

Vapor is obviously a main component of vaping, and one of the deciding factors in the experience. As mentioned above, the Pro battery is excellent, and the vapor production is right up there with it. The liquids this company makes are top quality, so combined with the function of the vaporizer, the production of vapor comes out in plumes; very large quantities. Even a small draw will create a great hit, and you will not be complaining about not feeling the hit. 9/10 for great vapor.

Flavors and E-Liquid

VaporZone creates incredible e-liquids. I am very happy with them, the standards behind them are about as high as it gets, and they really perform. They give a great, heavy throat hit, and their liquids produce a really smooth vapor. They use the best ingredients like glycerin from Malaysian Palm, Kosher Grade, and everything is inhalation-grade, so it’s like a step above food grade. They are all USA-made, and they come in an endless amount of flavors, which can be custom blended into any other flavors you want, so you will never be limited to a few flavors the company thinks you’ll like. I personally like that they have a great range of tobacco flavors, especially on the stronger side. The nicotine levels go up to 3.6% so if you’ve got a taste for strong nicotine, as I do, they will not disappoint! As for flavor, the Sahara Gold and American Red Tobacco are really good, strong, and don’t leave aftertastes behind. I haven’t tried the custom blending yet, but have heard only good things; I will definitely be delving into that soon! My opinion, but they are very good, very realistic. I give their flavors and e-liquid quality 10/10.

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What I Like

  • Great presentation; they get that looks do count, and they don’t go overboard. The products are great looking and so is the packaging.
  • Excellent prices; the Pro Kit costs $49.99, which I think is very affordable for what you get.
  • Amazingly powerful batteries. You want easy to use vaporizers that perform better than the cigarette look-alikes, here you go. Vapor for days.
  • Delicious flavors and quality e-liquids; some of the best I’ve found.
  • Battery life is unbelievable. Not lying when I say once a day and you’re good. Bigger unit comes out to bigger life, lasting ability, and so on.
  • Great warranty; 90 days from purchase, with a 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Unlimited options if you want to play with accessories, use other tanks, and get creative with your vaporizer.

What I Didn’t Like

  • The Pro Starter Kit comes with 1 650 mAh battery, it would have been nicer if it had two batteries, and a little more power would be cool too.
  • The Pro battery is really large, obviously this is why it has such great capacity, long life, and the ability to produce such great hit, but it’s large and heavy in the hand.

The Verdict

I am very impressed with VaporZone as a whole, I am pleased and would definitely recommend this brand. All the hype around them is very much worth it because others, just like myself, are happy with the performance, price, and variety of products. They put so much effort in, and they offer so many products beyond just the Pro model, you are bound to find something that works for you. The amount of flavors and liquid quality are also really great, and even the pickiest people can find something they like. They implemented great design on all of their products that I have used, and I am really happy with everything. The pricing is comparable, and even very low when you look at other brands. I do look forward to trying the even more advanced models, and think as far as vaporizers go, you are getting the best with VaporZone.

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